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Pharmaceutical Hoses

Briggs is a certified Aflex Hose distrubutor. Contact us today for all your Aflex needs!

Bioflex Ultra
Smoothbore, Ultra Flexible PTFE Hose for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Fluids Transfer

Smooth bore hose. The patented liner provides unequalled flexibility, kink resistance and high fluid flow rates.

Available up to 3" bore with various braid and rubber cover design options, with standard or PTFE lined and flared end fitting designs.

Best for Biopharm and fine chemicals for clean, fast flow of high purity fluids


Bioflex Ultra PTFE lined flexible hose is the premium product used to transfer process fluids in a wide variety of industries. It is used as a chemically inert, easy clean Pharmaceutical hose, a corrosion resistant suction discharge Chemical hose, a fully compatible Food and Drinks hose, and a hose to transfer paints, resins, inks and other process fluids. Bioflex Ultra is used in biopharm and chemical manufacturing and research facilities, and food and drink processing plants all over the world, and has an unrivalled reputation for reliability, performance and long service life.

Comparison with Silicone Rubber Hose

  • Hygienic Cleanability - much better due to highly polished inner surface finish.
  • Chemical Resistance - considerably improved, particularly to strong oxidizing acids and bases.
  • Temperature & Pressure Ratings - much higher temperature and pressure capability.
  • Steam Resistance - permanently resistant to steam sterilizing (unlike silicone hose, which has a limited life).

Comparison with Convoluted PTFE Hose

  • Hygienic Cleanability - vastly improved, due to its smooth bore and hygienically polished surface finish.
  • Flex Life at Temperature and Pressure - more than 50 times the life, dependent upon test conditions.
  • Flow Rates - more than 100% higher.
  • Pressure Ratings - more than 50% higher.
  • Gas permeation Resistance - more than 150% higher.


Pharmaline N & X
Smoothbore, Flexible PTFE Hose for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Fluids Transfer

Smooth bore hose. The patented liner provides unequalled flexibility and kink resistance. Available up to 3", 75mm bore, with or without a SS wire braid, with a silicone rubber cover.

Best for replacing silicone rubber hoses for improved compatibility and cleanability

Pharmaline N and X hoses are designed to replace conventional silicone rubber hoses in pharmaceutical, chemical and food process fluid transfer applications where the silicone rubber hose does not perform in accordance with the application requirements. This may be due to a requirement for improved autoclave life cycle performance, or improved chemical resistance, or improved internal cleanability. Whatever the conditions, Pharmaline hoses provide the solution.



Silicone Hose

Suitable for pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic and food applications. Excellent temperature application range of -100°F (73.3°C) to 400°F (204.4°C). ResistoPure™ hoses are made in accordance with CFR 177.26, and meet all USP Class VI, FDA, ISO 10993, and 3A standards.

Si-Vc - 4-Ply, Wire Reinforced Suction Hose with Convoluted OD
4-Ply, Wire reinforced suction hose, full vacuum rated to 130°C

Si-W - High Pressure, 4-Ply Polyester wrapped

Si-B - Polyester Braid-Reinforced
Extremely flexible for moderate applications

Si-V - 4-Ply Suction Hose, Wire Reinforced
Heavy duty, yet flexible. Resists temperature extremes, compression set, chemical attack, ozone, radiation, moisture, and environmental exposure


Smooth Bore Fluoropolymer Hose

Rubber Covered Smooth Bore
EPDM rubber bonded to an inner liner of Fluoropolymer PTFE or Fluoropolymer FEP with full vacuum capabilities. Very flexible smooth bore hose with extreme external abrasion and corrosion resistance.

TRC-Flare Through - Fluoropolymer PTFE smooth liner with EPDM rubber cover (blue or white)

TRC FEP - Fluoropolymer FEP smooth liner with EPDM bonded rubber

TRC-Lite Cirrus - Fluoropolymer PTFE smooth liner with EPDM bonded rubber

TRC - Fluoropolymer PTFE smooth liner with EPDM bonded rubber (blue or gray)

Braided Smooth Bore
Fluoropolymer PTFE inner core, stainless steel braid, full flow inside diameter, longer lengths, and the lowest cost smooth bore system.

SBT - Fluoropolymer PTFE smooth liner with stainless steel wire braid

SFT-Si SuperFlex™ - Fluoropolymer PTFE smooth liner, fiberglass braid, SS braid, and silicone cover.