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PTFE Fluoropolymer Hose Assemblies


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Rubber Covered Smooth Bore

  • EPDM rubber bonded to an inner liner of FEP Fluoropolymer or PTFE Fluoropolymer (PTFE is resistant to more corrosive chemicals, better flexing life and is more resistant to stress cracking than FEP)
  • Full vacuum capabilities
  • Most flexible smooth bore hose
  • Manufactured in most color coding systems (minimum order applies)
  • Extreme external abrasion and corrosion resistance

Braided Smooth Bore

  • PTFE Fluoropolymer inner core
  • Standard braid: 316SS (custom braid available)
  • Full flow inside diameter
  • Lowest cost smooth bore system
  • Longer lengths
  • Flared-Through design available

Braided & Unbraided Convoluted Bore

  • Heavy wall PTFE Fluoropolymer inner core
  • Self-cleaning open pitched helical convolutions
  • Seamless vacuum-formed construction
  • Full flow inside diameter
  • Standard braid: 316SS, Hastelloy®, or polypropylene
  • Optional braid: Monel®, Kynar®, fabric and exotic metal
  • Full vacuum up to 2" (Only Resistoflex offers a single PTFE Fluoropolymer hose rated for both high working pressure and full vacuum)
  • Flared-Through design available

Threaded & Industrial

  • Male & female pipe thread
  • Standard threads: American National taper (NPT)
  • Other threads available: (JIS, Metric, BSP, etc.)
  • Male & female JIC fittings
  • Butt weld pipe and tube sizes
  • HILTAP™ critical service coupling
  • CGA 820 chlorine transfer fitting
  • Compression tube fittings

Flange retainer

  • Standard flange insert: 316SS and Fluoropolymer encapsulated
  • Other materials available: Monel®, Hastelloy®, and exotic materials

    Rotating flange

  • Available in epoxy coated carbon steel, ductile iron, 300 series stainless, Monel®, Hastelloy®, and exotic plastics
  • Available in 150#, 300# and above

Cam & Groove

Male & female

  • Full swivel design on female cams
  • Standard female cam body: 316SS
  • Other bodies available: Monel®, Hastelloy®, carbon steel, aluminum
  • Standard male cam or female insert: 316SS and Fluoropolymer encapsulated
  • Other materials available: Monel®, Hastelloy®, exotic metals
  • Female fittings available with positive locking handle system to prevent premature disengagement

Sanitary Fittings

  • Complete line available including: Tri-Clamp®, 'Mini' sanitary, I-Line®, and bevel seats
  • Standard fitting: 316SS
  • Other materials available: Monel®, Hastelloy®, exotic metals and plastics, Fluoropolymer encapsulated, Kynar®, and polypropylene
  • Surface finishes meet or exceed FDA, USDA, 3A, and Pharmacopoeia class VI standards

Chlorine Transfer

  • Specifically designed for manufacturing, transporting, and packaging applications in the chlorine and bromine industries
  • Male pipe, flanged, or CGA 820 design
  • Meets Chlorine Institute recommends for non-metallic chlorine transfer hose

Flared-Through System

  • Inner core extends through fitting, creating sealing gasket & eliminating product contact with metallic surface
  • Flared design eliminates entrapment between inner core and fitting
  • Minimizes product flow disturbance between hose and fitting
  • Easy to clean
  • Less expensive than encapsulated fittings
  • Any braid option can be flared

TR Transfer Hose

  • Favorite for loading/unloading trucks, rail cars, barges, and process vessels
  • Fluoropolymer smooth bore liner built into hose with exclusive Thermalok® process
  • Multiple plies of fabric and rubber incorporate a spiraled, high tensile wire covered by tough, abrasion-resistant neoprene
  • Design insures integrity in frequent handling/physical abuse applications
  • Beaded end resists fitting detachment better than crimped-on fittings

Dual Containment System


  • Primary liner: Smooth bore PTFE Flared-Through, Termalok® liner locking
  • Secondary containment hose: Metal hose, braid & flange retainer is 316SS
  • Fitting: Flanged


  • Secondary containment: Metal hose, braid & flange retainer is Monel®


  • Primary liner: Seamless convoluted PTFE
  • Secondary containment hose: Smooth bore PTFE, double braided Hastelloy®
  • Fittings: Monel® male pipe, flanged


  • Secondary containment: Smooth bore FEP bonded to EPDM rubber hose