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Briggs has the gaskets you need & the gasketing materials you require. BRIGGS carries a full line of gasketing materials in commercial, special and MIL spec application grades. We have natural and synthetic rubbers, cork, felt, cloth-inserted, metallic, spiral wound, sponge, Viton®, Hypalon®, PTFE Fluoropolymer, silicone, and blends of these and other high tech materials for temperature, weather, chemical resistance, and tensile strength. All of the materials we use are non-asbestos. BRIGGS can deliver the gaskets, sleeves, belts, or extrusions you need for your application.

BRIGGS' production and sales staff has the knowledge and experience to specify the best material for the job, and to produce an excellent product.

BRIGGS promises you the fastest delivery times possible. When we've created a die or template for your special application, we keep it on file for efficient completion of future orders.

Contact BRIGGS for the connection that will give you the same BRIGGS quality and service that you've trusted for your hose, pipe, fittings and rubber needs.

  1. Metallic centering ring provides blowout resistance and compression stop
  2. Low Stress construction seals at sheet gasket torques
  3. PTFE Filler provides excellent chemical resistance. Also available with graphite filler or a combination of both
  4. Metallic inner ring contains and protects sealing elements
  5. Spiral wound design significantly reduces gasket creep
  6. Color coded and stamped centering for easy product identification