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Fall Protection & OPW Loading Arms

OPW Engineering

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Proven Experience in Transfer Applications...
Full Line of Standard and Custom Systems for More Than 60 Years...

  • Canopies, Roof and Stair Systems with Platforms Designed for Fall Protection OSHA Approved
  • Wide Variety of Gangways and Ramps Designed to Access Railcar and Truck Systems
  • Custom Fabricated To Meet Your Existing Application Loading Liquid or Dry Product

Proven Experience in Transfer Applications

Keeping your operation running smoothly means having dependable equipment and systems to handle your bulk loading and unloading requirements. You can't afford downtime for maintenance and repairs that cost you in both lost hours and money. Reliable liquid transfer systems from OPW Engineered Systems can solve your transfer application needs.

OPW Engineered Systems offers the most complete line of equipment available to meet today's bulk loading and unloading requirements. Whether your application involves tank trucks, rail cars, or drums, we can work with you to develop he right equipment for your application. A wide array of standard loading systems is also available from stock.

Full Line of Standard and Custom Systems

For more than 60 years, OPW Engineered Systems has provided innovative solutions for some of the most challenging liquid handling applications. We pioneered the development of systems designed to load and unload petroleum products for rail car and tank truck applications. Today the company also manufactures custom-designed loading and unloading systems to safely and efficiently handle aggressive/critical chemicals and by-products of the industrial sector.

Versatility is a hallmark of our comprehensive products offerings. Our system designs meet the modest demands of drum filling applications in small industrial plants as well as the high-volume loading and unloading needs of major petroleum and chemical facilities throughout the world. Swivel joints in a variety of configurations, seal materials, and metals are available to produce unlimited flexibility for various process applications.


OPW swivel joints feature standard combinations of five metals and five seal materials to meet most material handling requirements. They can also be designed to conform to unique specifications.